While Cycle Touring and Bikepacking trips are fun, it is not fun or even easy to pick a tent when it comes to them. You need to consider a lot of different things that have an effect on your choice. Here are a few of those things that you should pay attention to when buying the best tent for Cycle Touring and Bikepacking.


An ideal tent for cycle touring and Bikepacking needs to be lightweight, so that the bikepackers can easily carry it around on their cycles in a handlebar bag. If you intend to partake in an adventurous Bikepacking trip that is just a few days long, you will need a lightweight tent. It will not only provide you a safe place to sleep but will also not become a burden due to its weight.

While Bikepacking, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have anything heavy with you as it can make riding difficult and you will tire easily. A lightweight tent is a good solution to that problem as it will not add more than 2 kg weight and you will not be burdened by it.

Pack Size

Pack size is important when it comes to tents because this decides if they can fit in a handlebar bag or not. Tents with a bigger pack size are usually difficult to carry around because they require a bigger bag.

While Bikepacking, it’s better to carry bags that you don’t have to struggle to carry. A bag that fits the handlebar is perfect in these situations and since such a bag is not big in size, you need a tent with a small pack size, so that it can fit easily into it.


When you are making sure that your tent is lightweight and has a small pack size, you need to also make sure that it is spacious enough to accommodate you. If you are struggling with fitting yourself in the tent or if there is very little space left after you get inside it, then you need a bigger tent.


A tent which is not durable is no use for you. Cycle touring, Bikepacking and camping in the wild means that you need a tent that can withstand the outdoor elements and not get damaged easily. It should be made with durable material so that it does not betray you in the middle of your trip.

Ease of Setting Up

The tent you choose should be easy to pitch, otherwise it will get inconvenient to set it up every time. If it is easy to pitch, it means that it will also require only a few extra things to aid setting it up. It will ease your burden and make it that much easier to fit the tent in your bag and carry it around.


It is important to not have a tent that is too visible in the wild. You must choose a tent with an inconspicuous colour, so that you don’t signal every unwanted being, whether it be an animal or a human, towards your sleeping spot.

The Bottom Line

These were a few factors that you should consider when deciding which tent will be the best for your Cycle Touring and Bikepacking trip. You can find some of the best tent options at Oztent RV4 – Shop Online in Australia.