Christmas is around the corner, and during this time, you get to do the most exciting thing: decorating your home. Christmas tree decoration is usually the center of Christmas. Due to this reason, many people overthink decorating it. Questions such as how much decoration is enough decoration for Christmas might come to your mind.

There is no concrete answer to that. But what you can do is put on as much decoration as you want as long as it matches your energy and vibe of the festival. So let’s juggle the discussion of decoration more to choose the right decoration that you need on your Christmas tree.

Types Of Christmas Decorations

Christmas Lights

You need to illuminate the decoration that you do on your Christmas tree. That’s why the decoration of the tree with Christmas lights is important. With the right touch of colors, you can enhance the tree’s beauty.


Nutcrackers are decorative pieces that look good on table displays or windowsills. You can also use these to decorate the Christmas tree.


Baubles are the soul of a Christmas tree that you can’t skip hanging on your tree. You can select the same type of baubles to decorate your tree in a pattern. Or you can choose to put entirely different baubles for chromatic design.

Garlands & Wreaths

Since we are talking about Christmas decorations, then you need to include garlands and wreaths in it too. Garlands are decorative items that you can hang on your doors and on a Christmas tree as well. Wreaths are usually mounted on the door.

Tree Toppers

Tree toppers are the most essential as well as important part of the Christmas tree decoration. It is an item that sits on top of the Christmas tree. People prefer to put a big bright star or an Angel on the tree’s top.

Additional Christmas Decorations

Above mentioned decoration items are the ones you can’t skip. There are also some additional Christmas decorations that you can include:

  • Bells
  • Stars
  • Father Christmas
  • Snowmen
  • Angels
  • Reindeer
  • Tinsel
  • Candy Canes
  • Wooden Sledges
  • Snowflakes
  • Gingerbread Men
  • Stockings
  • Poinsettias

How Many Christmas Decorations Do You Need On A Christmas Tree?

As already mentioned, there is no concrete answer regarding how much decoration you need on a Christmas tree. However, you can decide the quantity on the basis of the size of your Christmas tree.

To put it simply, a 5-foot Christmas tree would require at least 68 separate pieces, whereas a 4-foot Christmas tree should have around 50 to 55 pieces. Likewise, a 6-foot tree will require 128 decorative pieces, a 7-foot tree requires around 197 pieces, and an 8-foot tree will need at least 215 decorative items.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how you can decide how much decoration is enough for a Christmas tree. While picking up your tree for Christmas, keep the size in mind, which would be ideal for the decorations. Or, if you already have a Christmas tree, then buy the decorations according to their size. To get such amazing decorative items, you can visit Christmas Eleves Australia.