school holidays

While summer breaks are every school kid’s dream, they can be a nightmare for parents. Kids usually tend towards being restless. It’s a challenge to keep them entertained all the time, while you juggle through work and household chores.

This summer engross your kids in things other than TV, videogames or cell phone. These fun activities games and toys will guarantee to stimulate their brains and keep them entertained at the same time.

Enjoyable Activities for Your kids.

Kids love it when parents join their playtime. If your work schedule permits, perform these activities with your kids and spend quality time with them.

  1. Story Time.

If you are one of those parents who keep storytelling restricted to bedtime, this summer vacation you have a chance to change it.

Assign an hour of your kids’ playtime to story-telling. Read stories for your kids that have strong morals. If your kid can read make him read stories and with you and explain the meaning of the story to them.

This will indirectly improve your kids’ language, vocabulary, imagination, and thinking process.

Read “The wonderful Wizard of Oz”, “Black Beauty”, “Alice in Wonderland” to get started!

  • Gardening.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a space to plant small plants, teach your kids gardening skills.

Plant organic vegetables and flowering plants. Gardening supplies are all that you need.

Gardening will teach your kids the importance of hard work and consistency. How constant efforts and care can transform a simple seed into a sweet fruit or a beautiful flower.

  • Let your kids learn an art.

Art is a way of expression, and kids love to express themselves. Encourage your kids to take up art.

It could as simple as drawing, painting, origami, learning an instrument, or dance. This helps your kid to develop a hobby that can later become their passion.

Artists have a huge demand in today’s world. You may discover the next star in your own house, you never know!

  • Build Something Together.

Now for this task, you need not build something as big as a treehouse. But a simple lego tower will do just fine. You could consider building a house of cards, a tower of styrofoam cups, or a pillow castle.

The idea behind this activity is to teach your kids, to make new things. You can take this activity one step ahead by creating the best out of the household waste that keeps accumulating.

  • Community service.

Let your kids assist people in the neighbourhood. Whether, it’s walking a dog, helping the elderly or disabled, washing cars, having a lemonade stand, or buying groceries. Community Service is the best way to humble your kids and create a sense of responsibility.

Games that Every Kid will Love Playing.

You need to divide your kid’s play-time between indoor and outdoor games. Kids love to jump, run and be all over the place. So here are a few games that keep the kids happy indoor as well as outdoor. You can organize a party and make sure everybody plays.

  • Hide and seek.

This game needs no introduction and can be played indoors and outdoor. So let your kids hide and seek.

  • Treasure Hunt.

If your kids are in the age bracket of 5 and above, a treasure hunt is the best way to keep them on their toes while you work or do the chores.

  • Snake and ladder/ Ludo.

These are the best board games to play on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • Monopoly.

Monopoly is a never-ending fun ride. Let your kids learn to handle money, buy and sell property, pay taxes and even go to jail or a change!

  • Room cleaning Race.

If your kids are messy and often leave their room untidy. Introduce a new game of cleaning their room in exchange for a treat. This saves parents from a hell of a lot of extra work.

  • UNO.

If your kids love playing with cards, introduce them to UNO. Nothing is better than have a draw four as your last card. Let your kids experience the same excitement.

  • Take your kids to the park.

If your kids are bored of sitting at home and playing alone. Take them to the part for a few hours. Let them interact with their friends, play together and have a blast!

Buy the Best Toys for your Kids.

Kids are thrilled by the idea of new toys and if you are planning to buy them some consider the options below.

Buy a Bike.

Nothing is more mentally or physically stimulating than riding a bike. Let your kids learn to ride a bike. It’s one of the best gifts you could ever gift your child.

Classic Lego.

Well, a classic Lego set can persuade you to recreate your masterpieces with your kids all over again. Turn it into a family competition and see what everyone creates.

Jigsaw puzzles.

We all know the feeling of putting the last piece in place. Let your kids sort through 1000 tiny puzzle pieces and create their masterpieces.

Inflatable castles.

These are unique and can be placed on your living room floor, in your garden, and your pool as well. These inflatable castles make play-time 10x more enjoyable.

Remote Controlled Car/ Helicopter.

Controlling a remote-controlled toy is the next level of ecstasy for kids, let alone a helicopter or car. Make sure your kids play with these toys under someone’s supervision, to avoid accidents of personal and public property.

Hopefully, these tips will help parents have a controlled and relaxed summer with their kids.