During the time of winters, the pool area is not in use. However, this does not mean that it will not require any maintenance. You need to make sure that the pool area stays in good condition so that you can easily start utilizing it as soon as the winter season ends. It is really important for homeowners to know how to look after their pool area even during the winters. It is important to consider all the pool care pro tips in order to avoid having to deal with any issues in the future.

You can begin with small weekly checks; try to balance out the PH levels in the water as this will help save the time and money spent on repairs and replacements in the near future. In order to avoid any kind of problems when the summer seasons begins, you need to take into account the following off-season pool care tips:

1) Clean the pool

In order to begin your pre-winter preparation, make sure to thoroughly clean the pool and make sure there is nothing left in the water that could lead to fungus later on. Make sure all the surfaces are properly scrubbed and cleaned so that you don’t have to deal with unwanted debris later on.

2) Cover the pool area properly

Remember to cover the pool area properly and remove any kind of debris above the cover. During the time of winters, there can be a good chance of a heavy snowfall. Therefore, it is important that you cover the pool and other pool related attachments such as water bags are securely attached and don’t end up getting loose. Pool covers in Brisbane are highly recommended because there are several incredible options you can choose from in terms of convenience, style and functionality.

3) Water Chemistry

If you wish to protect your pool area properly, then you have to make sure you balance out the water chemistry. The PH, alkalinity and the acid all need to be in between the standard ranges, especially when you have to close down your pool area during the time of winters. If these elements are not properly maintained, it can create issues in your pool equipment and surfaces.

4) Check the equipment

Even though during the time of winters the pool is closed down, but you still need to check the equipment on regular basis to make sure they are functioning properly such as the filter gauge. It is important to give the filters a good clean and a thorough backwash before the winter season starts.

Try to spend a little bit of your time on the pro winter care tips so that you don’t have to face any kind of trouble when you wish to open the pool area back again in the summers.