Off-road driving is a great adventure, especially for keeping your kids entertained, but it comes with risk. Since off-road driving is almost out of the city, a proper lighting system is one of the major issues, especially in bad weather. Poor lighting can lead to fatal accidents; therefore, to adapt to off-road terrain visually, light bars are installed on the vehicle to improve visibility.

Light bars consist of LEDs put together in a uniform shape that provides bright and powerful illumination in front of the vehicle. It serves the purpose of driving off-road and can also fulfil the duty of illuminating the outdoor part of the campsite. Stormy weather with poor visibility calls out for off-road light bars. Here is everything you need to know about off-road light bars.

Improved Visibility

The major role of a high-quality light bar is to provide good visibility in any circumstances, whether it may be rain, fog or snowy weather. A light bar can help you see better in all conditions so that you can drive safely, avoiding any obstacles and hazards. It is unlikely, but it also works in times of flood when your car headlight is submerged underwater.

Help You Clear Challenging Terrain

When off-road driving terrain can be very unfamiliar, even during the time of day, it can be hard to look at angles. Rough terrain, rocky paths and steep inclines can be dangerous during the day. A high-quality light bar can help you navigate these difficult roadblocks by providing the extra illumination you need to easily navigate these terrains.

Aesthetic Accessory For The Vehicle

Not only do they have a utility for seeing in bad conditions, but they also add aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. Different ranges of light bars are available that can change the look of your vehicle while also providing a better range of visibility for the times when you need it the most.

Durable And Long Lasting

Since they are Off-road light bars, they are made to withstand harsh conditions like dirt, moisture, vibrations, and sudden jerks, which sometimes even the best materials cannot sustain. To withstand all these conditions, they are made from durable and reliable material that ensures the long integrity of the lights and requires minimal maintenance.

Various Mounting Options With Single, Double And Curved Row  Light Bars

There are different types of light bars, one more suitable than the other in some terrains since light bars are versatile and can be mounted on various off-road vehicles in various places to fulfil your need.

Single rows are used for compact lighting solutions, while double row light bars provide more coverage of area due to more LEDs, and curved row light bars are pleasing to look at and provide great coverage in desert-like areas.


Better safe than sorry; your vehicle may have excellent headlights, but different terrain requires different measures to keep up with it. You can choose the light bar in different varieties according to the terrain and the vehicle. Look for the Vicoffroad off-Road Light Bar Collection, which provides a variety of light bars with the best quality.  Not only does it helps you give more coverage of visible areas, but it also adds aesthetics to your vehicle.