Selecting a piece of suitable furniture for the outdoors is a tricky task as you wouldn’t want to invest in furniture that wears off easily. Not to mention the extreme weather conditions make it quite hard to choose the best material.

If you are also going back on forth regarding the material of the furniture for outdoors, then read this guide till the end. By the end of your read, you will know some of the best suitable materials for your outdoor furniture and how to maintain it in the best possible way.

Best Outdoor Materials For Furniture

Hard Wood

Hardwood furniture is suitable for outdoors as wood is practically formed in the wild. Thus, you are good to go if the furniture is made of wood, such as oak, teak, or mahogany. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. 


Nothing can beat furniture made up of stone. There are endless benefits of furniture made up of stone, from low maintenance to withstanding extreme weather.  Although many people prefer materials other than stone as they do not find them as appealing as materials such as wood, wicker, or metal.

Stone furniture is ideal if you are looking for furniture that can sustain extreme temperatures. Besides, it looks amazing outside as it complements the overall look of your patio. 


Aluminium doesn’t corrode because it reacts with oxygen and forms an oxide coat over it. The coat is a protective layer against climatic elements that can harm the furniture.


Synthetic rattan or wicker furniture is another suitable piece of furniture that you can keep outside without worrying about its wear and tear. Know that natural rattan is not ideal for keeping outside as it can perish due to extreme weather conditions.


As long as your place doesn’t experience extremely low temperatures, you can think about plastic furniture too. Extreme low temperatures can brittle the plastic causing it to break easily.

How To Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Fabric Covered Furniture

Some solutions can cause discolouration on the fabric. Therefore, ensure to immediately wipe off any spillage over it. Alternatively, brush off the accumulated dust regularly and rinse the fabric with water if needed.

Wooden Furniture

Cleaning wooden furniture with hot water and oxygen bleach is the best method. However, if the stains are dark, you can try using sandpaper to polish away stains.

Rattan Or Wicker Furniture

You cannot resort to hard cleaning measures to clean wicker furniture. You need to clean it on a regular basis. However, you can use fine-grit sandpaper to remove the stands. Just make sure not to use it often.

Metal Furniture

Metals generally corrode, except for aluminium. Thus, cleaning them with a mild solution of soap will work. You can also use fine-grit sandpaper to clean the stains.

Plastic & Stone Furniture

Avoid scrubbing and using sandpaper to remove the stains, as it can leave the furniture with an even bigger one. Your only solution is to use a mild soap solution and rinse it with water. You can also use chlorine bleach if it is approved for cleaning the furniture by the manufacturer.


So, these are some of the best materials that can go well with an outside setting. Hopefully, the tips for maintaining and cleaning outdoor furniture will come your handy. If you are looking for suitable outdoor furniture, then check out the Outdoor Furniture in Australia- Zanui.