Industries dealing with oil and chemicals often face this dilemma of spills and leakages. Although spilling is itself not a very pleasant thing to experience, poor management of such incidents is even worse. It often leads to more serious problems including health issues for those who are exposed to the mess in any way. It can even lead to cases of cancer in extreme situations.

For this reason, companies should act responsibly and take good advantage of spill kits to tackle the issue. A spill kit has all the contents that are necessary to lower down the devastating effects of the harmful contents lying unattended on the floor. The kit is full of absorbent materials that help respond faster to such accidents. You must look for spill kits at Fuelfix Pty Ltd if you don’t have one already.

There are four major types of spill kits that are commonly used in workplaces and even homes. These include the following:

  1. Oil-only Spill Kits

As the name suggests, this very spill kit is used to handle oil-based leakages. Oil refineries and workshops keep this to minimize the impact of grease.

  • Anti-static Spill Kits

Some liquids and chemicals are dangerous to a point that the slightest of carelessness can lead to explosions and fire accidents. For such cases, anti-static spill kit is the ideal fit as it contains all the items that deal with flammable and explosive content.

  • Chemical Spill Kits

You will often find such kits in scientific labs. Chemical spill kits are necessary to clean up hazardous chemicals before they bring any bigger damage. Not having this may lead to some serious accidents as chemicals can cause severe burns.

  • General Spill Kit

This kit does not deal with hazardous material and is used to clean up the mess caused by non-toxic chemicals and oil-based liquids. Some suggest that every household and workplace should have such a kit whether there is a chance of spilling liquids or not.

Sometimes, companies do have spill kits with them, but it is not sufficient enough to clean up the mess. In simple words, some of the most important contents are missing that do not fulfil the purpose at all. Here are a few things you must know about when making a spill kit.

  1. A Bin with Wheels

A bin with a good enough size to store all contents. Make sure it has wheels so you can easily carry it to the place with spillage.

  • Absorbent Socks

These are kind of flexible tubes that are supposed to be placed on the edges of the spill. It helps to keep the spill in place instead of spreading.

  • Absorbent Cushions

Absorbent cushions help you with catching runoffs. The purpose is more or less the same as absorbent socks.

  • Absorbent Pads

These pads are used to place over the spill to soak up as much liquid as possible. However, they should be high-quality and powerful enough to soak resilient liquids.

  • Disposable Bags

Disposable bags are then used to dispose off the material used to soak up the liquid. Using these bags helps in avoiding further mess.

  • Protective Gear

Your body should not come in contact with the spilt liquid as it could be dangerous to your health. Make sure to wear gloves, mask, and protective goggles.