Don’t we all love shiny bathrooms with up-to-date fixtures and everything else? We don’t know if you agree or not, but the way you design the bathroom leaves a very major impact on your mind. This is where you go to shower and get rid of all the exhaustion after working tirelessly in your workplace. Therefore, paying attention to the bathroom is just as important as home office décor. Recently, we have seen some interesting trends for bathrooms in 2020 and needless to say, we love them all.

We are sharing here in hopes that you can also incorporate some amazing trends in the bathrooms and give it a new makeover.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Colored Marble

Gone are the days, when we would use old-school marbles. Now trends have evolved and we have been seeing some beautiful bathrooms with colored marble floor. Green marble has been quite in trend this year. We are glad it is because it has definitely given us a long due break from boring floors. What’s the wait? Find a good marble vendor and start renovating the bathroom before the trend starts fading away.

  • Waterproof Wall Paper

Are you tired of seeing same old tiles on the bathroom walls? Well, we have some news for you. Printed waterproof wallpapers are making waves in the interior design industry. It has absolutely vanished the boring touch brought by typical tiles. The best part about sticking wallpapers is that they are way cheaper than tiles and also, you can keep changing them without going through the hassle of removing tiles. How amazing is that?

  • Mini Wash Basins

How many of you struggle with managing the space in your tiny bathrooms? We are sure, most of you do! To your surprise, mini wash basins have made their way into the bathroom trends for 2020. Yes, that means you can now ditch big and wide wash basins and vanities. Simply go for a mini wash basin and have it fixed wherever you prefer. You can also get it in a bright color if the rest of your bathroom has subtle tones. The pop of color will really make your day. With that, get a look for a custom made mirror at Willoughby Glass to place above the basin.

  • Calming Environment

Why do we all love bathrooms from five star resorts? It’s because they are designed to relax your mind. People are now implementing the same thing in the bathrooms of their own houses. You can achieve a calming environment in the bathroom by going for subtle tones like white, greys, and other colors that portray luxury and elegance. Keep the overall design minimal and clutter-free. Also, put a plant or two to make it look complete.

  • Fine Art

Why not get pretty fine art paintings for your bathroom? You can easily find so many paintings at the prices you like all over the internet. Just go for something that matches the overall aura of the bathroom. We believe, floral paintings would look absolutely great in the bathroom due to their versatility. You can also make one yourself if you have the knack for art.

If you think your current residence has below standard bathrooms, then you should probably move to a new house or hire an interior designer already.