According to industry leaders and experts, the coronavirus has been an upstage for several security service firms. A lot happening right now was not anticipated. It’s why most clients are currently seeking security services to meet the increased demand, even if it means risking the officers’ health.

1.Overload of new requests for security services

Some companies’ workforce has not been making full utilization of their resources. Yet, they are overwhelmed with new incoming requests to provide security services. On one side of the coin, It’s positive as security firms in the competitive market are welcoming new business ventures. However, it is straining even for companies like MA Service NSW with built-in capacity for growth.

It’s an uphill task to deliver security services right now. Those that didn’t have security are now in dire need of security services. Often, most of them have unreasonable expectations.

2.Direct exposure to COVID-19 pandemic

People have been making requests for security officers capable of carrying out screening to do so. However, MA Service NSW and some other companies have been quick to refuse not to expose their security officers randomly. They claim it is something beyond just checking people’s IDs; it concerns their health and well being.

3. Increased demand from long time healthcare clients

Eddie Sorrells, CPP, CEO, and general counsel for DSI Security Services, indicates that it’s not just new clients who need security services. But also long time clients such as healthcare facilities are demanding more security officers who can do medical-related tasks.

4. Catering for the health and well being of security officers

Regardless of the challenging corona pandemic situation, their security officers’ health and well-being are a top priority. According to Sorrels, they are providing adequate training to protect their workforce.

It’s not easy, for example, to protect an entire workforce at MA Services NSW or somewhere else. It involves providing necessary supplies and protective equipment once they are on the site. Officers can also be told to avoid contact when checking IDs, maintain social distance, which is a challenge.

5. Importance of technology

We weren’t so much prepared when all hell broke loose. But so far, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology. Sorrell says that in a virus-ridden environment, video surveillance and drone technology can be used to strengthen a security force. Further, technology can supplement their efforts.

Lastly, the pandemic has been a tragedy in different parts of the world. A rallying cry for MA Service NSW and fellow security services providers. Regardless, it has been an opportunity for all security officers to thrive. Most of them have had to juggle health risks, family responsibility, and upcoming site challenges to stay successful at what they do.