The novel coronavirus has disrupted a lot of things for us. What we miss the most is going out with friends and family and attending exciting parties on Saturday nights. Sadly, the privilege has been taken away and people can no longer gather without being extra careful about precautionary measures.

For some time, we can only attend birthdays and parties through video conferencing. But that’s okay. It is for the safety of all. Also, your party can still be fun even if not everyone is physically present around you.

Read below to get some fun tips for a party during the quarantine period.

  1. Start Off by Sending Youthful Invitations

Although your friends would join even if you send them a simple text message, it’s perfectly fine to add a little wow factor to it. You can prepare a thoughtful invitation that is customized according to the requirements of the party. It should be something that most attendees could relate to. It will certainly add to the excitement of everyone and also compel them to join your party.

You can send these invitations online for your convenience. All thanks to the rise of technology.

  • No Harm in Putting Some Decorations

Make some effort to decorate your home with any party decoration material you have. You can also order them online. All the balloons, ribbons, and banners will bring the feel of real parties. Also, some of your friends and family members will be there through video conferencing apps so a little bit of decoration can make a difference in their experience.

  • Play Games While Maintaining Social Distancing

You can still play games with your friends and families while maintaining a safe distance. You could go for online or app-based games that everyone can easily use. UNO is one such option which can be super fun when playing with your loved ones.

  • Arrange a Movie Night

Grab some popcorn, drinks, and arrange a fun movie night for your friends and family. This is something very easy to manage at home. For an adventurous experience, try watching thriller or horror movies together. Make it a memorable day with your dear ones.

  • Include Your Neighbors

Understand that your neighbors are also having a hard time dealing with the quarantine life, so there is no harm in including them. You don’t really need to call them inside your house. You can simple gather outside the house and enjoy the moment while maintaining a reasonable distance. This way everyone can enjoy without really risking their health and safety.

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  • Indulge in Self Care

The pandemic has been quite hard on most of us that we have almost forgotten to take care of ourselves. Use the party as a means to care for yourself. You can cook for yourself, do a skincare series with your friends, or anything that makes you happy. Enjoy as much as you can, but it is also important to take care of precautionary measures for the safety of everyone around you.