Feng practitioners study the design of their homes to increase the flow of Qi. Qi is an energy or a type of force or energy that can affect in various ways: physically and mentally. We would like Qi to enter our home effortlessly and without difficulty and then flow through the house in the ideal scenario. A few design elements can affect the qi in a place, also the addition of a staircase by Active Metal Sydney to your front entrance.

There are very crucial areas in your home that you should consider from a feng-shui standpoint: one of them could be the home’s front doors, also known as the mouth of Qi. It’s the primary entrance point for energy to enter from outside, So you must ensure that it’s appropriately set up to allow positive qi to everyone within your home. One of the easiest methods to achieve this is to ensure that your door is in good condition and remove any obstructions preventing the door from opening completely.

If a staircase is directly from the opposite side or in line with and in front of the front door, it can create a complex arrangement for feng shui as it permits energy to flow swiftly and direct to and from the front door. This could indicate a lack of financial resources or even poor finances. A staircase is also a symbol of the cycles of ups and downs that can be very perturbing and responsible for bad luck. If a staircase is located near your front entrance, this may cause a significant impact on the energy flow throughout the house. Feng Shui is not simply a trend.

Is a Staircase facing the front Door an issue?

Here are some things to watch, but remember that these are guidelines for general use but not absolute rules.

If you notice the stairs directly when you walk through the door or if the stairs are right-aligned with the door, that’s not an ideal arrangement. It could be problematic if the staircase is not more than 10 feet away from your front entrance or less than what the highest person living in the house.

There are a few additional factors that could result in more difficulties. Be aware of small entranceways that are dark and narrow and narrow-tall stairwells. These situations can result in the qi present in your entryway feeling tight and caught.

How to Work with a Staircase facing the Front Door

If, as mentioned earlier, the foyer or the entryway is spacious and open, it’s likely not a problem. If you’re unsure, take note of how you feel as you step into your home. Does it feel cosy with a spacious environment or cramped?

If you suspect that the entranceway and the staircase at your house might be problematic, consider asking yourself some questions.

  • What happens to your energy levels?
  • Do you feel as if your abundance and wealth are less than optimal?

If you feel that the answers to those questions can be improved it is possible to test an easy feng shui modification and observe what it feels like.


With a greater comprehension of the concept of Qi flow, can you understand why a lot of the solutions for stairs that face the front are unhelpful?

In most cases, there are inventive and cost-effective methods to apply an effective cure. The masters, with their training and experience, know how to transform negative Qi into positive ones.