Moving houses can be quite stressful but what’s even more stressful is decorating and furnishing a new home. If you are finally getting your own place after years of saving and planning, now is the time to start thinking about the furniture, appliances, interior decoration and other amenities you might want to put in your house. Even if you are not redecorating or moving and you have been living in one place all your life, you might starting considering moving into a new home or redoing your home for a change.

In either case, you will need to get a whole lot of new furniture and appliances to make your new home comfortable. Home appliances are designed to add comfort to our lives. If you are on a budget or your newly purchased house has already broken your bank prioritize what you need in your house and start with some t important home appliances that will add the much needed comfort to your home.

Here’s our list of 5 essential home appliances for you

  1. Refrigerator: Any kitchen is incomplete without having a refrigerator in it. Depending on the number of family members, choose a refrigerator for your home. Make sure the refrigerator you choose has a suitable icebox and dedicated shelves to hold drinks, and dairy products and compartments for meat, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Air Conditioner: Buy at least one air conditioning unit for your home, and if it doesn’t break the bank, buy several to be installed around your house. Modern air conditioners come with both heat and cool option that help you in both summers and winters. You can also buy portable air conditioners from Olimpia Splendid.
  3. Washing Machine: Doing laundry manually is a tough job, which is why having a washing machine in your home is a must. Better choose one with a bottom loading option to ease the loading & unloading process. A fully automatic dual function washing machine is an added benefit as it also saves you from the hassle of line-drying clothes.
  4. Electric Hand Blender: If there’s one kitchen appliance that stands out from the rest, it would be electric hand blender. From making fresh juices to stirring curries, and whisking & blending ingredients, electric hand blenders work in a jiffy and are a total life and time saving appliance.
  5. Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Getting good gadgets for the comfort of your home is never a bad investment as they lessen the hassle of manual labor. Robot Vacuum Cleaners are exactly what you need for your home. Robovacs are now available for strikingly low prices and perform cleaning wonders. All you have to do is set the navigation around your house and leave the robovac, the little device will automatically pick up any dust and debris off the floor.

There are countless other appliances which you could add a lot of comfort to your daily routine, but we have listed some of the most essential ones. Without any doubt, survival without having these appliances in your home will almost be impossible.