When you are out there in the natural water bodies like oceans or seas with your ship or a vessel, it’s quite hard to keep your boat organised. It is because you are not in a maintained pool but in the wild.

For situations like these, opting for robust boat lettering and decals that don’t wear off is essential, especially when your boat is a commercial vehicle. It is a given that you would want people to notice your vessel from far behind.

However, taking a decision about the lettering and decals is not that tough. If you consider it tough, then let us make it easier for you by telling you some of the minute details to look after.

Boat Lettering VS Boat Decals

Although they might look the same, the purposes these two processes serve are different. Boat lettering is the process through which information such as the name, registration number, and port designation of your boat is imprinted on it.

Whereas boat decals are a process of printing decorative stickers on your boat. So, keeping these things in mind, below are some of the variables that influence both the process:

1. Surface Area For Graphics

Check the surface of your vessel and see what kind of graphics will suit it. Sometimes the surface is textured, so you might want to opt for the designs that will overshadow the textured surface of the ship.

2. Letter Font

To select the ideal font you must know the use of it. If it is for the show, then you should choose the prettiest font out there. However, if your vessel is commercial, then you should choose a font that’s easier on the eyes and can be read from afar.

3. Specifying The Combination Of All Upper, Lower Cases Or Combination Of it

Specifying the combination of upper and lower cases is similar to selecting the font. It’s similar to when you need to keep the purpose of the text you are imprinting on your ship in mind while selecting a font.

Complicated combinations might confuse the viewers. So, unless it’s just for fun, show or entertainment, you must be very careful when selecting the combination you want.

4. Choose The Colour That Suits You Best

While selecting the colours, you must know that you are closer to marine life. Thus, everywhere you would be blue. And the blue water cast a slight blue reflection on the objects that are in the water.

This means that choosing the blue colour might not be as ideal as you may think. Also, according to science, red is the most visible colour from afar. This is the reason why many people opt to imprint red letters on their vehicles that is more visible to the human eyes.

6. Creative Boat Decals

Unlike lettering, boat decals can be directly imprinted on the vinyl. Decals are transferred with the peel-and-stick method. Thus, they are more like stickers. You can choose any design as there are plenty of them. You should check out the vinyl boat stickers at Boat Name for some amazing alternatives.

Final Thoughts

So these are some of the things that you should consider before going through the process of boat lettering and boat decals. Hopefully, now you know almost everything about them.