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Jetpack Adventures-2Jetpack Adventures Demonstration

Get ready to be amazed and dazzled by the Gold Coasts very own Jetpack Adventures team, who are taking to the skies in this year’s Jetpack superhero demonstration.

See the ultimate water sports accessory, performing show stopping tricks and stunts every 2 hours, for 25 minutes of adrenaline pumping, aerobatic delight.

Showcasing not only their Jetpack units, but also the multiple accessories and driving devices such as the Jetsurf, Jetlev and Jetski power components, will have you asking how you to can become one of the Jetpack Justice League.

Click here to view the jetpack team the action.


Jetovator Jetovator

Australian Launch

Never before seen this side of the Southern Hemisphere, a new experience in aquatic flight, the 2014 Expo will feature the exclusive launch of the world famous Jetovator.

This new water sports adventure ride offers the acrobatic aptitudes of an aircraft, but with the simplicity of riding a motorbike, creating a totally new three-dimensional riding experience.

Performing aerial stunts such as barrel rolls, back flips and corkscrews, the highly trained Jetovator team will wow audiences with their death defying feats.

The Jetovator allows the rider to dive 10 feet below the water’s surface, reaching speeds of up to 30 mph and with capabilities of soaring over 25 feet in the air, this new adrenaline packed performance will have you leaping out of your seats in amazement.

Click here to view the first look of the new Jetovator in action.


High DiversHigh Diving Show

Dizzying heights and death defying jumps, The EX HD High Diving Show will leave audiences gasping for breath as performers leap from rebelling platforms into the 8 metre pool waiting below.

Internationally recognised, the only Australian company to perform such extravagant feats, the team will leave you amazed at the skills daringly executed by their jaw dropping performers.

Be entertained by the comedic styling’s of the diving jesters, and wowed by the terrifying heights of the 25 meter high dive.

Admire the grace of the beautiful synchronised divers and the unbelievable performance of the incredible Human Torch fire dive, this is a show not to be missed.

Click here to view the diving show from the 2013 Expo.


Flyboard XFlyboard X

Since the release of the movie, Back to the Future, we have been waiting to get our McFly on, and finally the day has arrived.

Flyboard X will be presenting their dynamic show 4 times a day and will be entertaining audiences with their fanciful tricks whilst unveiling the famous Zapata Hoverboard as well the exclusive Zapata Racing devices, reserved especially for Flyboard X.

The extreme stunt show will astound and astonish crowds with their fearless demonstrations, showcasing the extreme power of the Flyboard whilst performing amazing feats including dolphin dives, board grabs, back flips and the terrifying tornado.

Click here to watch a video with the Flyboard in action.


ZR Hoverboard (17)-edited-smallHoverboard

Australian Release

This years Expo will also play host to the Australian and New Zealand release of the hoverboard, a sophisticated piece of machinery.

The Hoverboard has been described as a cross between wakeboarding and flying.

The Hoverboard and the Flyboard taps the power of a personal watercraft (jet ski) via an 18m hose, which supplies a flow of water that is expelled through a single nozzle with enough energy to propel the rider through the air at adrenalin-pumping speeds and heights. The 18m of hose allows the companion jet ski rider to travel safely behind the Hoverboard user, giving them enough space to safely glide through the air and perform some fancy tricks.

Click here for the official Zapata Hoverboard video.


Coomera CupCoomera Cup

Before the famous horse race in November hits Australian shores, the ultimate race of the season will be our very own Coomera Cup, proudly supported by the Paddle 2 Fitness crew.

Competitors will undertake the challenging 12km course, designed to be three laps of 4km around Foxwell Island and then finishing at the Expo.

The Coomera Cup is a favourite with paddling enthusiasts, with the 2011 event boasting more entrants than any other paddling event in Queensland.


GCIME_2012_RixRyan_16-webYamaha Super Fishing Tank Show

The team from the Yamaha Super Tank will take you on a underwater journey with a massive display, complete with up to 20 live fish, from Brim to the almighty Barramundi.

Part portable fishing show, part mobile fish tank and part educational program, the 13,000 litre Yamaha Super Tank is designed to give the public a fish-eye-view on the world of angling.

The presentations include catch and release techniques, preserving your catch for the dinner table, mastering lures and gear tips for first timers. Brett Thomson will also demonstrate how the many different types of fish react to different lures and techniques used by many of today’s top anglers.


Club Marine's resident chef Bart Beek performed cooking demonstrations during the ExpoClub Marine Cooking Demonstrations with Bart Beek

One of the most dynamic personalities in the Australian culinary scene, Bart Beek writes a series of articles that appear in the ‘Gourmet’ section of every issue of Club Marine Magazine. Each of Bart’s articles provide a fantastic array of recipes along with Bart’s tips and techniques that helps the magazine’s readers create the dishes themselves.

Bart Beek’s wealth of culinary knowledge, energy, humour and enthusiasm makes his live cooking demonstrations at the Club Marine stand a ‘must see’ event.

Cooking demonstrations take place daily at Club Marine’s stand on the hour, every hour between 10.00am and 4.00pm (and 3.00pm on Sunday)

The Club Marine Gourmet Cook book is also available at their stand at a special Boat Show price of $10, including a free oriental gift with each sale.


DSC_0066-webGold Coast City Marina Travel Lift Demonstration 

For someone who hasn’t seen the marina’s 150 tonne machine in action, it’s an inspiring sight to see a 130ft+ super yacht slowly rise out of the water to then be transported over to a refit and repair shed.

Lifting over 400 vessels a year, the Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard operate two travel lifts as part of their impressive arsenal of machinery.

The huge 50 tonne capacity Marine Travel Lift will be demonstrating its muscle whilst lifting a vessel out of the water, manoeuvring the vessel around the hardstand and then returning the vessel safely back into the water, showing the versatility and power of this unique crane lifting equipment.

Click here to view the Channel 9 weather broadcast on the Marine Travel Lift from last years Expo.


1401661_605099389550013_363060781_oQuintrex Guided Factory Tour

Back by popular demand is the Quintrex factory tour, held during the Friday and Saturday of this years Expo.

This guided tour of the Quintrex factory offers you the rare opportunity to look at the innovative construction process of Australia’s favourite tinnies and the state of the art manufacturing facility. With experienced welder’s on-hand Quintrex will demonstrate and explain the latest techniques used in crafting Australia’s favourite aluminium boats.

Demonstrating the aluminium boat building process, Telwater is the largest boat manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere and home to Quintrex, Australia’s leading aluminium boat brand.

Click here for more information or click here for a video preview of on one of these factory tours.


DSC_0483-webThe Riviera Express Tour

All aboard! For the first time at Expo, Riviera will host guided factory tours via a fully narrated train ride, The Riviera Express, taking in many sections of the impressive, 14-hectare world-class site.

After inspecting Riviera’s latest range of luxury pleasure boats, owners and visitors are invited on a rare behind the scenes tour to learn how an award- winning Riviera is crafted, from the early lamination stage to engineering and through to final fit-out.

This is a prime opportunity for families and friends of the company’s 400-strong team to come and see the result of the commitment and passion underpinning Riviera’s range of premium luxury power boats, 55 per cent of which are exported.


DSC_0135Wooden Boat Construction Demonstration

Discover the world of wooden boat construction and learn about the trade skills used to create the illustrious wooden vessels, enjoyed in past and present times.

The Wooden Boat Association of Queensland will demonstrate and explain the three types of construction using current materials. They will also have various wooden boats and canoes on display.


Logo_TAFE Gold Coast_MasterTAFE Queensland’s Gold Coast Marine Training Center Tours

Ever dreamed of working on a million dollar boat while cruising through the Greek Islands? Or did you ever imagine that you could get paid to ride jet skis throughout the waterways all day?

Leading education provider TAFE Queensland Gold Coast can help make these dreams become a reality with a diverse range of nationally accredited Marine courses on offer at their innovative Marine Training Centre located at the Riviera Australia headquarters in Coomera.

Tours of the marine training facility will run twice a day and for a full range of courses available visit tafegoldcoast.edu.au