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This 20 page application gives further information on all changes made in 2015, explains all display options available, pricing structures, how to apply and offers a checklist to ensure you are totally prepared for Expo 2015.

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Also to view our Q&A page answering common exhibitor questions about the changes in 2015 please click here.


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Last updated 18/05/2015.

In 2015 a number of changes have been made to our site map as a result from both exhibitor and visitor feedback including:

  • Link through the Riviera factory has returned, allowing smooth access and high-traffic flow between Riviera and the Gold Coast City Marina sites.
  • Larger open areas at each marina entrance to help encourage visitors on to each marina arm.
  • Fewer tents along the waterfront, with more open area to enable more visibility of the marina.
  • More indoor-style marquee options, offering more protection from the elements for exhibitors.
  • The Boat Works site is now included and is currently in development and will be released shortly. If this site is of interest to you, please let us know so we can arrange a suitable site for you.


Our Exhibitor First Right of Refusal offer allows all 2014 exhibitors to retain their current position and is currently available until Friday, 30th January 2015.


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For all exhibitor forklift hire, storage and transport needs, Agility Fairs and Events are here to help.

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The pre-summer and pre-Christmas timing was very successful for Expo but it was felt the event could not achieve its full potential as manufacturers and retailers could only deliver what they had in stock at that time, while shipyards and the marine service and support businesses were almost at capacity with repairs, slipping, anti-fouling and re-fits at that time.

We also understand that the show visitor is looking for something new, something more, something different, something far better than they have previously experienced. We need to create a compelling reason for people to travel to the Gold Coast from interstate and overseas to see a diverse and unique marine showcase on a scale not seen anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere. This is our real objective.


Creating the greatest possible visitor experience. 

There is enormous potential for this concept – one which shares the dates of three major and separate boating events – to be the No.1 marine attraction in Australia, No.1 in the Southern Hemisphere and comparable with the best in the world.

A unique event from our industry. 

Expo showcases the largest marine precinct in Australia, where 13,000 boats are manufactured for domestic and international markets, over 6000 boats are slipped, serviced and repaired each year, where over 2000 people are employed and where the value of the supply chain to all marine businesses that operate within the marine precinct runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Creating a solid future for us all. 

The change future-proofs the Gold Coast as the international marine destination and Australia’s biggest marine industry showcase, spread over a number of locations.

Maximising the timing opportunity. 

The new dates – 21st to 24th May 2015 – give manufacturers and dealers the best chance to build and deliver orders by the summer season, and enable shipyards and all support businesses within the supply chain to drive business at the time of year that they require it.

A boat lover’s paradise. 

We can create four fantastic days on the Gold Coast featuring every marine industry display you can imagine.

A boating-only focused event. 

There will be no clash with other major international or interstate events that draw attention away from boating.

Attracting vital new visitors. 

The date change takes advantage of attractive Gold Coast weather for interstate and overseas visitors.

Creating value for exhibitors. 

We have held exhibitor rates at 2014 levels … with an additional day free of charge for our exhibitors, highlighting our desire to support those in our industry who see the opportunity in a new paradigm of boat show.

Opportunity for us all. 

There are major economic benefits to the wider marine industry and the economy by creating an awesome marine showcase.

Easy access to Expo. 

Expo is very accessible for both visitors and exhibitors, with two dedicated exits from the M1 Motorway (Exit 54 – 3.3km/4mins; Exit 57 – 4km/5mins), two different roads leading into the precinct (Shipper Drive and Beattie Road), shuttle buses from Coomera Railway Station 2.7km/3mins) … as well as free car-parking at the door.

Transport links on-site enhance the experience. 

Visitors will enjoy free water transport between the Gold Coast City Marina, the Riviera yacht-building facility and The Boat Works, in addition to free courtesy buses running the length of Waterway Drive, seamlessly linking the free car-parking with a minimum of four great Expo sites, including Telwater’s state-of-the-art Quintrex factory.

Helping restore growth. 

It will help create more jobs and business opportunities within the Australian marine industry.


The Expo offers a unique and cost affective boat show platform that allows exhibitors to meet consumers within a friendly marine environment. While exhibiting the consumer is able to better understand what your product or service has to offer and create and form that ever important business relationship.

Set at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct the ready-made venue provides the perfect location for the public to witness boat building, refitting and repairing first-hand, bringing enthusiasts even closer to the industry, in a memorable and interactive manner.

Offering a rare behind the scenes view of the marine industry allows the Expo to entice and educate the general public on what “boating” and getting out on the water has to offer.

Not only offering a wide range of exhibitors from kayaks to super yachts, the Expo also offers visitors a comprehensive program of events including a variety of live technical demonstrations and attractions with something taking place every 15 minutes over four big days.

The Gold Coast International Marine Expo offers you a boat show with so much more.


220 Exhibitors took part

300+ Marine Brands on display

600+ Boats on display both on land and water

3km display circuit